After the recent murders of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, and Philando Castile in Minnesota , which was nothing new to us since these types of executions happen all day, every day in any 'hood', the so-called presidential candidates did not miss the opportunity to seize the moment and politicize the murders.

On one side you have a super racist, reality TV show host, real estate tycoon being used by the elite to push a right-wing fascist agenda. His war cry is "make America great again" which is a dog-whistle (only Esau and other white supremacist heathens can hear it). It means take back the stolen land which is being stolen by immigrants to a time where niggers and spics knew their place. Make no mistake - that is what it means. If you think you know Donald J Trump, think again. Remember, remember, the Central Park jogger case. Go look it up to refresh your memory and see just how Donny boy feels about black folk. He likens us to animals and savages (Deut 28:37). After decades in jail, and then being exonerated by DNA evidence, the black accusers were freed. After that you think he would have apologized to the men whose lives were ruined. Hell no, not Mein Trump. He is also an equal opportunity slave master by exploiting Issacharite brothers to build his hotels, casinos, after which he turns around and tells them he wants to build a wall to keep them out of the land which originally was inhabited by them. This is what neo-nazi, law enforcement, white middle class America, and a few confused minorities (Hosea 4:6) plan on voting for in upcoming elections. Pathetic.

In the other corner is the devil's personal THOT Hillary Rodham Clinton. This woman makes Jezebel look like a girl scout. She helped overthrow and killed Gaddafi then laughed about it. That's a true definition of a sociopath with power. Take your pick of scandals but my favorite is this b calling us super predators - really? Haiti is another story where she and her partner in crime, slick Willy (aka Bubba), robbed and exploited the Levites (Micah 2:1). If the elites put her in power it will be more of the same wickedness (watch the documentary The Clinton Chronicles for further info). She works for the big banks and will not do a damn thing to help us so-called blacks and hispanics. But as usual our people recite the same lies over and over; the 'Democrats are for the poor'. Watch how many pork chop eating pastors (Jer 23:1) are going to do the 'ne-ne' or the 'dougie' with this witch. And as soon as she gets elected she forgets about black folks and pass laws to help exterminate us. It's the same story again and again. The Lord sees everything (Nahum 1:3).

We were brought here because we broke the commandments of The Most High YHWH and to serve our enemies (Deut 28:48); not to cast ballots and go on CNN. Pick a side and you loose either way. Stay with YHWH wa Yahawahshi. Shalam.