Shalawam ahchyam. All praises are due to The Most High, YHWH and His son Yahawahshi, who the world ignorantly calls Jesus Christ.

If you are reading this then you know by now that the devil's T.H.O.T Hillary has chosen her vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine who is a Jesuit. Through the hands of the Jesuits, the black pope (superior general) and white pope, and the catholic church itself, they have committed unspeakable atrocities and genocide against the Israelites, The Most High's chosen people, all over the earth. Suggested reading is (Revelation 13) Alexander Hislop's 'Two Babylons' as a starter kit to get you acquainted with the workings of the 'Church' and the Roman emperors, our sworn enemies. Rome has never fallen - they are in full control.

The average negro doesn't give a damn but current events shows us that prophecies are being revealed and the works of Esau as well. Pay close attention to the news and you will see the hands of our enemies hard at work. Trump was just a side show to distract the masses. The true shot callers are in Rome and they control the American government, the intelligence community: all alphabet agencies, and the people like puppets. (Suggested reading Vatican Assassins by Eric John Phelps). Even Esau is speaking out against themselves (Psalms 64:8).

Some people say Barak will not leave the White House and bring in martial law to stay in power - who knows? Some say Trump might bite the assassins bullet - who knows? Only The Most High God knows the future. All we can do is watch and pray (Mathew 26:41) and don't go to sleep.