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Shalom family: we need your help to spread the gospel to those of our people who are lost. We need to travel to places where there is a famine of the word of The Most High. We need to feed the hungry and clothe the naked with substance as Christ taught us. (James 2:16).

We also need a school to gather and edify the people. All of that require resources. Please donate in any way you can.

Charity (1 Peter 4:8) and alms (Ecclesiasticus 3:30) are

spoken of in the scriptures as a good thing.

Thank you. Most High in the name of Christ bless you.

In person

Please send us an email ( and notify us so we can meet you at one of our camp locations in New York or New Jersey.

By PayPal

You can send a donation using PayPal. Please click the button below. Thank you.

BY Zelle

You can send a donation by

using Zelle. Use this email:
Thank you.

BY Cash App

We also accept CASHAPP donations. Be sure to include your name so we can thank you.

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